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We’re raising awareness for the fibromyalgia community by connecting individuals around the world through Ravyn’s Doll. We encourage you to share your fibromyalgia story, photos, and/or videos!


How To Get Started

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The latest news and promotions from Ravyn’s Doll.

Meet the Author – Melissa Swanson!

Melissa Swanson is a paraprofessional, chronic pain patient, advocate, and author. When not in the classroom, she offers…

Ravyn’s Doll Coloring Book Now Available!

Now you can order Ravyn's Doll: How To Explain Fibromyalgia To Your Child in a coloring book from…

Bring Ravyn’s Doll To Your School

Follow in the footsteps of the author Melissa and bring Ravyn's Doll to your school! We would love…

Questions & Submissions

If you’re ready to get started but need some extra help or you would like to submit your photo and story.

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