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Donna’s Story!

How does fibro affect your life?

This photo illustrates part of my life with fibro. Earlier that day, I had to take my cats to the vet. Even though my hubby went with me to help with the carriers, it was still stressful enough to cause a flare – an increase in pain and fatigue – for the rest of the day. Unfortunately this isn’t an unusual occurrence. Routine tasks like grocery shopping or medical appointments really wipe me out and increase my pain levels. Fibro definitely limits what I can do in a day. I have to manage my tasks very carefully so I don’t exasperate my symptoms.

One thing I want others to know about how my life is now?

I know I look perfectly normal, but I am anything but. If you see me out in public, it’s important to understand I’m likely only going to do that ONE thing that day. For example, last year my friend and I went to some yard sales one Saturday morning. When we saw a used bicycle at one of the sales, she suggested I buy it and go riding that afternoon. I fell silent, realizing she didn’t understand I’d likely be spending the rest of the day on the sofa because I’d be too exhausted from going to the sales to do anything else. When I was healthy, I would have shopped all day, came home and cooked dinner, and gone back out for the evening. Those days are likely over unless I recover. I don’t have the stamina for a full day of activities anymore.

What have you found that helps you?

I have many tools that I use to manage pain: Infrared sauna, medical cannabis, coffee enemas, the Quell pain relief device, the ActiPatch pain device and Tramadol. Sometimes these help, and sometimes they don’t. When all else fails, kitty love from my fur babies always makes everything better.

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