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Kathy & Brian’s story!

Brian, my husband, said, living with Fibromyalgia means I have such diverse energy levels. Nothing is the same, as he now helps to shop and cook meals. It is the hardest for him when I am in so much pain and he can’t make it better. He reminds me often to communicate my pain level to him so he can understand my limited energy level as well.

I have lived for over ten years with what I have named fibromyalgia, “the Beast”. I also have chronic fatigue disease and Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. One of the hardest things for me to accept and deal with is the unpredictability of my energy level. Despite the hours of sleep there is always a need to rest and nap everyday. If I do not pace myself or take time out, my pain will increase dramatically. I never know how “the Beast” will choose to make itself known. Mostly upper arm pain, knots in my thighs and shoulders and neck, back and hips. There is ALWAYS the overwhelming exhaustion. Sometimes I wake up and say to my husband, “why did I move bricks all night??!” Because my arm pain is so intense. I use to be very active and teach but now “the Beast” rules my days. I try to keep believing in a better day and always pray for a cure. I find by reaching out to others that I do not feel so alone. By helping one other person, I feel my pain is justified. We, Warriors, need to stay together.

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